September the Start to Fall Fishing

The Dove are flying and cooler weather is just around the corner. You know for most all outdoors-man fall is their most favorite time of year. This is the time of year when hunting season kicks off and so many anglers switch over and start to chase the wild game through the fields and on into the woods and they put fishing on the back burner. They get out in September and chase the Dove through the fields and in October they wonder through the woods looking for squirrel and after that they hit the lakes after duck and then onto the larger game called deer. For most of these anglers into the switch they don’t ever think about fishing until the spring.

Now you have angler – hunters which at one time I guess I fell into that crowd and then you have the die-hard anglers which is where I am today. The die-hard anglers also look forward to the fall for it brings cooler weather and this makes the fish kick into a biting mode and that’s what I look so much to see after an unbearably hot August. 

The bass will start their run into the back of the creeks where they will find shad all bunched up in the bends and pockets and also in the mouth of all the sloughs that feed into the creeks. When the shad bunch up like this it puts old Mr. Bass in a feeding frenzy and then the fun begins.

Bass can be caught in so many ways and if you are someone that is lacking on different fish catching techniques then this is your time to fish. 

You can worm fish and worm fishing today is not what it was twenty years ago, for twenty years ago we didn’t know anything about wacky worm fishing or drop shoting. Most all worm fishing was either done by Texas rigging or Carolina rig fishing. Now today we do all the above and along with all that we have also have a technique call dead sticking.

Now let me give you a run down on each technique and how to rig them.

First Texas Rigging! The Texas Rig is set up using a bullet weight, a hook your choice and a plastic worm. My plastic worms that I use are the Mr. Twister brand and they have everything in plastic that you will ever need. I will use a six inch Thunder worm when using a larger bait and when I want or feel I need a smaller bait I will rig up a Mr. Twister Flip out worm and when I want it even smaller I will use a tube jig which can also be rigged with the Texas rig. Second the Carolina rig. The Carolina rig is normally set up by using a bullet weight, a glass bead, a swivel, and then a leader line about 18 inches long and then your hook. The baits that I use with this rig will be the same baits as the Texas rig plus another bait will be a centipede  which a small 4inch straight worm. Third is the Wacky rig which is rigged with a small 1/0 hook a finishing nail and the Mr. Twister night crawler worm? Place your hook through the egg sack of the worm and then push your nail into the head of the worm. You can change the weight of the nail by cutting it of or making it heavier by using a larger nail. Next is drop shoting. A drop shot rig is a small hook placed about 6 to 8 inches up your line and a drop shot weight placed at the bottom of the line. Drop shot weights can be purchased at most all you top line sporting good stores just ask for the drop shot weight and the sales person will know just what you want. You can rig your worm like you would a Texas rig or wacky both work well. Another bait or rig that I didn’t mention is another rig you will see me fish a lot and it is a tube bait rigged up on my screw lock hook and weight system. I have come up with a system that makes the tube bait a top of the line bait. The weight and hook design is what makes the tube fish so well. It will skip under boat houses, and it also is very good as a vertical fishing lure. With this rig you tube bait will never fall the same way which makes it so unique for the fish can’t get use to seeing it such as they can on other lures. This kit can’t be bought in stores so you will have to get it from me if you would like to fish the screw lock system. You can call for pricing.

 Now you can use each of these lures by casting, pitching or vertical jigging the grass beds and lay downs you find along the creek. Fish slow and you will then know why I choose to fish rather than to hunt in the fall months. The lakes will have fewer fishermen on them and this will allow you to fish more spots that any other time you may not be able to get to because of the extra traffic.

Get out on the lakes this month and see what I mean about fishing the different type rigs and I think you will do as I have You will fall in love with the great sport we call fishing.

If you’re booking a trip be sure and call ahead of the time you wish to fish for I stay booked up. I am now taking credit and debit cards to make it easy for you to come fish with me and to also make your deposits for fishing in the spring.

Until next time remember to keep only the fish you can use and release the rest to fight another day.

Thanks for reading along with me each month.

Ricky Vandergriff

I didn’t mention it but each and every spot you fish the lures I mentioned above you can also fish my Big Eye Jigs.