Deep Diving In August For Big Bass

Big Bass, that’s every fisherman’s dream. When will that big bass come my way? Well August is a month that I really love to see when summer rolls around and it’s not because fall is coming with cooler air temps. It’s because I love fishing the heat and the heat brings big bass my way every year.
 Now I can hear you saying August is just too hot to get out on the water. Yes, it is hot, but if you will try the heat I think you will come to love it like I do because it only takes that one big bass on the line to make you forget about the heat. You know it’s like being out there in January or February in the cold , you will be sitting there freezing to death waiting for that next bite and when it comes well, remember how warm you got or in November in that deer blind and that big buck walks out. Well August is just like the winter. Your pounding away at the water thinking how hot it is and all of a sudden that big bite and then you see that big bass come up and do a tail walk , then all at once it’s not hot any more. Now thinking about all that are you with me now? All it takes is a little work and it will happen for you so come on, get in the boat with me and let me tell you how and what I do to find Big Bass in August.

First thing I do is when I get to a lake I don’t know or should I say have never fished I will go in and buy myself an AID Lake Map of the lake I’m fishing on and lay it out in my boat and then try to chart out myself a plan on how to start my day and places I feel would be good during a certain time of day and especially when it is at the hottest time of the day when everyone is in the marina cooling down or on their way home because they just don’t like the heat. This is when I really want to be on the water because then you have the whole lake to yourself.

Okay I hear you what am I looking for and where should I look on the map to find these big bass, well I like to find creek junctions . This is places where two creeks run together with one another or where a creek runs into a river or a slough / drainage ditch runs into a creek. I also like where a river or creek runs under a road bridge, any place where you find a funnel point or intersection under water.

At different times of the day the bait fish will move up and down the river or creeks or drainages and through a funnel point such as under the bridges. Knowing all this I can put a plan together on how to fish these locations.

Now you ask well do you start this way or do you fish shallow banks early and late with top waters and other baits and my answer is yes . I will sometimes start early with a top water lure or a shimmy shaker on points or around boat docks. I will also fish boat docks with my Big Eye Jig where I find brush and yes I will at times do this even during the day when it’s hot. These are all good things to do, but not my favorite  thing when looking for my August big bass.

I like to start early with a small crank bait and end up throwing a big crank bait during the hottest time of the day.

During the hot August days you can find bass up close to the top chasseing shad and these shad may be small thread fin shad or the big giant gizzard shad and this is when you find big bass. That’s right big bass like big shad during the hot summer month of August.

What kind of crank baits did you say well I really didn’t but my favorites are the Bill Dance series made by Bomber Lures, you can find them in good color patterns and in several sizes, small square bills to the big deep divers and all are great when it comes to fishing for big bass. Others I like are the mud bug lures and then you have Norman lures  and Bandit lures and my list could go on and on. Crank baits are lures you have to use and when you find the one kind you like and have confidence in then that’s the brand you need to throw. The main thing is when looking for a bait make sure that it has good color patterns to match the hatch of bait fish you are finding at the time.

Now how to fish the crank baits I like to mark out my junctions and move back to cast so that my lure will come down and across the junctions as I said earlier the bait fish will move up and down the drainages so move with them when you find them and somewhere along the way you should come up with a big bass that you can be proud of.

The next thing I do is check my ice and my water to be sure I will have plenty to last all day. Remember that you need to drink at least 8 ounces every hour to stay hydrated. The heat can be great on fishing and bad on you if you don’t prepare ahead of time.

This August get out on the water and locate these spots where the big bass roam and I think you will agree that hot summer time fishing is some of the best of the year.

Remember that the big bass only get bigger when we allow them to. So do as I do catch, take a picture of that trophy BIG BASS then kiss her and release her so our children will have a chance to live the dreams that we have had and that is to catch a BIG TROPHY BASS While Deep Diving In August