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 July Fishing on Lake Palestine Should Be Great

            Lake Palestine is just above full pool, clear down south and stained to muddy up north and 87 degrees. During July, fishing can be just down right great if you can stand our Texas heat. You can catch every kind fish that you like to fish for.
             My favorite will always be the large mouth bass and here are a few things I will do to find and catch them.
            First, I will get out a good map of the lake and figure out where I feel are the most productive spots to catch large bass and also numbers of bass. I like fishing both the shallow and deep water. I will rig up several rods with different lures to fish deep and shallow. First I will rig up a deep diving crank bait in a shad color. The next I will rig up a Mr. Twister Pocket Craw on a  Carolina rig and I will also rig up a  Texas rig with a watermelon red and a Mister Twister June bug Lizard. Next I will rig up a lure I build and call the Shimmy Shaker and last but not least a swim jig and the Swim Jig I'm talking about is The Big Eye Swim Jig that I build. Now I know that most of you know what the crank baits and the Mister Twister worms and lizards are but you may not have seen my Shimmy Shaker lures and I know you have not seen or heard about my new Swim Jigs. The new Big Eye Swim jigs are jigs that you can use a couple different ways, one way is to swim it in shallow water and another way is to use it as a count down lure. The count down method is where I locate the fish out in deeper water and I cast the Big Eye Swim Jig out over the area I saw the fish and I count it down to the depth where the fish are located on my graph or fish locator and then I swim it back slow just off the bottom to make the Big Eye Swim Jig look as if it's a bait fish feeding in the water. This technique will produce a lot of fish for me and also some very nice bass as well.
             I will look for my fish on the deep points, deep creek channels, creek bends and old road ways. I will spend at least one hour on each spot with the different lures until I feel I can’t catch any fish from this spot. I will have several of these deep water spots to try and when I find and catch some fish I will check the time of day and remember the spot because I can come back to this spot 15 minutes later each day after and find fish feeding in the same spot.
            Another thing to remember is always pull your lures up the ridges in the summer time and down the ridges in the winter. Bass will be more active during the warm months and will chase a lure out away from where he is hiding and by pulling up a point you can keep them in close and this will allow you to catch more fish. If you pull your lure down a point out to the deeper water the bass will chase it out away from his hiding place into the deeper water and it will take them longer to regroup and this will tend to make you think you caught all of your active fish and cause you to move to new locations.
            Now for the shallow water you can find the bass good early on top waters and with my Shimmy Shaker lures. Earlier I spoke of the Shimmy Shaker but didn't tell you where you can get them nor did I say anything about how to fish the Shimmy Shaker.  The Shimmy Shaker is a lure that can be fished down deep like a jig or pulled faster like a spinner bait and rigged with a Mister Twister Hawg frog as it's trailer, it can be worked on the surface like a buzz bait up around grass or pads or change the trailer to a Mr. Twister double tail trailer and fish it like a spinner bait. My Shimmy Shaker is a lure that I will always have tied on because I can work it so many ways to catch my fish. I make and sell the Shimmy Shaker and it can be purchased by either calling me at (903)561-7299 office or my cell is (903)530-2201. You can see it on my web site Ricky’s Guide scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Texas Spinner Bait Company. Either way you can purchase any of the lures I build, the Shimmy Shaker, The Big Eye Swim Jig that I use as my count down lure, My Big Eye Spinner Baits, the Big Eye Buzz Baits and my Famous Big Eye Jigs and when you visit my site you can book trips and purchase any of my lures through PayPal. If you go to my site and don’t see the color of the lure your wanting to order , (no worry I can build your lures most any color). If the rubber can be found I can and will build it for you at no extra charge.
             I like to fish the Shimmy Shaker around brush, grass, rocky areas and boat docks. The Shimmy Shaker is a lure that I feel you just can't beat due to it working so well deep or shallow. Try the Shimmy Shaker you will love as I do.     
Crappie can be found on brush piles in about 17 to 20 feet of water. Jigs fished slowly over the top of the brush will produce some mighty fine crappie for you.
Sand bass and hybrids will be fair shallow early and later on in the morning you will find them out on your points or road ways in about 15 foot. You can catch them on top waters , Shimmy Shakers  and  Rat-L-Traps early and then on jigging spoons later in the deeper water.
Catfish are doing very good on Lake Palestine and you will find that it is stacked full of channel cat. That’s right you can find cat fish just about any place on the lake where you find a sandy bottom. Night crawlers and Danny King  Punch baits will work well for you.

 Most all lures I speak of other than the ones I build can be found at Porters Sporting Goods on Lake Palestine. Check Porters out you will find that he is local to the lake, very knowledgeable of the products your searching for and you can purchase most any lures or fishing products  made. Did I say you can find the greatest rod n reel combo's made at Porters Sporting Goods, well you can and you can also purchase the reels I use every day on the water  The Lew's products . If you've not tried the new Lew's Rods and Reels then you need to treat yourself by having Greg help you with the greatest fishing reels made today ( Lew's Rods N Reels). Try the BB1HZ Reels you will love them.
            I talk about Mister Twister Products all the time in my reports and now swing by Porters sporting Goods and see all the new Mister twister products he has you will love them if you will just try them.
Before I close I want to remind you if you’re going to tackle the heat then be sure to take a good sun block and plenty of water to drink and always when your on the water think safety and ware and keep your life vest close for the life you save may just be your own. 
                Another lake I guide on is Lake Fork and at this time you can find bass doing good  both shallow and deep. Small spinner baits and top waters will work in the shallows and big crank baits and count down lures will work on the deep ridges. Lake Fork is at or just above full pool and has many underwater hazards so be careful when running the lake.
If you’re coming to Lake Palestine or Lake Fork and need a guide then email me at or call me at (903) 561-7299 HOME OR  MY CELL (903) 530-2201 I have served as a license fishing guide on Lake Palestine since 1976 and on Lake Fork since November of 1980 so if your looking for experience on either lake then look no further. I have had many clients leave with great success story’s and I have had clients boat bass up to 13 lbs and many under that.
                If you would like to try the lures that I build then give me a call or shoot me an email and we will get you fixed up with some of the finest  Bass catching lures made today.
            Until next month remember to keep only the fish you can use and release the rest so that our kids can enjoy the great sport we call fishing.
Good Luck and Good Fishing
Your Fishing Guide

Ricky Vandergriff

The Big Eye Jig

Mr. Twister Pocket Craw


This Bass was caught while using the Big Eye Jig and trailed with the Mr. Twister Pocket Craw

Nice Lake Palestine Crappie caught on The Big Eye Jig which shows that when fishing no fish is safe when the The Big Eye Jig is in the water

These Crappie were caught on brush piles in 16 to 20 foot on both jigs and minnows

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